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Personal data

Name: László Bencs

Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary

Workplace: Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics,

                   Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner RCP),

Address:      H-1121 Budapest, Konkoly-Thege Miklós út 29-33.

Education and qualifications

  1987-92. Major: Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques at University of Veszprém, Hungary.

  1992. Diploma in chemical engineering at University of Veszprém (supervisor: Dr. Iván Fehér)

  1994-97. Postgraduate (PhD) course at the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences (ELTE), Budapest (supervisor: Prof. Ottó Szakács)

  2000. PhD in Chemistry at ELTE

  2011. Habilitation at RISSPO

  2019. DSc in Chemistry at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS)


1992-1998. Research assistant at Research Laboratory for Crystal Physics (RLCP) of the HAS

1999-2011. Research fellow at Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics (RISSPO) of the HAS (the legal successor of RLCP)

2001. Oct. - 2003. March: Postdoctoral research fellow at the Micro and Trace Analysis Centre (MiTAC), Department of Chemistry, Campus Drie Eiken, University of Antwerp (UA) (18 months)

2003- Leader of the chemical laboratory at RISSPO

2003. Nov. - 2007. Aug.: Guest researcher at MiTAC, UA (4-times 3 months, 1 time 7 months)

2008. Nov. - 2011. June: Guest researcher at MiTAC, UA (32 months)

2012. January - 2019. September: Senior researcher at Wigner RCP

2019. October – Scientific advisor at Wigner RCP


1995. Optical spectroscopy laboratory practice for undergraduate chemist students at ELTE.

2001- Supervisor of students (8 PhD + 2 MSc) at UA, RISSPO and Wigner RCP.

2017- Independent Task I. and II. laboratory practice for chemical engineer (MSc) students at BME.

2023- Individual Task laboratory practice for chemical engineer (MSc) students at BME.

Other appointments and affiliations

Current research interest

  1. Development of solid and solution sampling spectrochemical methods for the determination of the constituents of oxide based nano and bulk crystals.
  2. Studies on the atomization processes in the electrolyte cathode atmospheric glow discharge (ELCAD).
  3. Characterization of ship emission related atmospheric pollutants over North Sea waters and the coastal region.
  4. Preparation and analysis of nano-materials for biomarker applications.
  5. Studies on the composition of atmospheric aerosols and their source apportionment.


Total number: 15 (Hungarian: OTKA: 6, GINOP: 2; Belgian (Flanders): AWI: 1, VMM: 1, BELSPO: 2, MET/US: 1, Bilateral: 1, EC: 1)


Total number: 104, (Peer reviewed journal articles: 69, Book: 1 (multi-authored); Book-chapters: 7, Research reports: 27 (of which 15 is undisclosed) ).

Updated: May 12th, 2024.