Flexoelectric domains

Flexoelectric domains are an electric field induced pattern characterized by spatially periodic equilibrium director distortions. They are observable by polarizing microscope in some planar nematic liquid crystals at DC or at very low frequency AC driving as stripes running parallel to the initial director. Its interpretation was first given by a simplified (one-elastic-constant approximation) model by Bobylev and Pikin, which provided the threshold voltages and wave numbers as well as a condition of existence (a relation between the flexoelectric coefficients and other material parameters).

Flexoelectric domains in the

calamitic nematic Phase 5.

Flexoelectric domains in the

banana nematic ClPbis10BB.


Our group has been investigating flexoelectric domains experimentally in various nematics, in close co-operation with theoreticians at the Institute of Physics, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Gernany.

Recent results: