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Mikhail Avdeev


Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna


Structural features of colloidal solutions of C60 fullerenes

in water by small-angle neutron scattering



Stable colloidal water solutions of C60 fullerenes (FWS) obtained by transferring fullerenes from an organic solution into an aqueous phase with the help of ultrasonic treatment are investigated by means of small-angle neutron scattering (SANS). A polydispersity in the size of detected particles up to 84 nm is revealed.  Along with it there are some indications that a significant part of fullerenes composes particles with the size of the order of 1 nm. The contrast variation based on mixtures of light and heavy water shows that the mean scattering length density of the particles is close to that of the packed fullerene associates, as well as that the characteristic size of possible fluctuations of the scattering length density within the particles does not exceed 2 nm. A smooth surface resulting in the Porod law for the scattering is detected. A number of models discussed in the literature are considered with respect to the SANS data.



2004. január 27. (kedd) de. 10:00 óra

I. épület Tanácsterem


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