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Piers Coleman


(Center for Materials Theory, Rutgers University)


Quantum Criticality: towards a new universality




Empirically, Quantum criticality appears to be a vital mechanism for driving novel material behavior in condensed matter. Recent experiments suggest that to understand this new phenomenon, we will have to significantly revise our understanding about phase transitions.  I will discuss very new experiments which indicate that the characteristic energy scale of Fermi liquid excitations collapses over the entire Fermi surface of a heavy electron system at a quantum critical point, even in a manifestly cubic, three dimensional material. New data also suggest that the Hall constant "jumps" at the same QCP, suggesting a sudden collapse of the heavy electron Fermi surface when magnetism develops.  I will explain why these results implicate a truly fundamental break-down in our basic understanding of how magnetism develops in a heavy electron fluid and discuss our recent efforts to develop a new class of mean-field theory that can span the magnetic quantum critical point in heavy electron materials.




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2004. május 25. (kedd) de. 10:00

I. épület Tanácsterem


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