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Claudia Forte


(Istituto di Chimica Quantistica e Molecolare, CNR, Pisa, Italy)


Solid state NMR techniques applied to liquid crystals




Deuterium NMR in partially deuterated liquid crystals is an extremely powerful tool for the determination of orientational order at the molecular level and has been extensively used to study both the structure and dynamics in liquid crystalline phases. Given the anisotropy of these phases, it has been suggested that also solid state NMR techniques could be used. In the past ten years several NMR experiments devised for solids have in fact been applied to liquid crystals and have revealed to be very useful whenever director alignment cannot be obtained or when deuterated samples are not available. Some of these techniques will be described.



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2004. június 9. (szerda) de. 10:00

I. épület Tanácsterem


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