Equipment for goniometric laser scattering


New equipment

Zygo NewView™ 7100


Interferometric surface testing
light interferometer (profilometer) provides affordable versatility in non-contact optical surface profiling. With powerful tools for characterizing and quantifying surface roughness, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features with excellent precision and accuracy, all measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation
Measurement of optical coatings
Interferometers are widely used in science and industry for the measurement of small displacements, refractive index changes and surface irregularities. In analytical science, interferometers are used in continuous wave Fourier transform spectroscopy to analyze light containing features of absorption or emission associated with a substance or mixture.
Light scattering measurement
Light scattering can be thought of as the deflection of a ray from a straight path, for example by irregularities in the propagation medium, particles, or in the interface between two media.
Measurement of optical homogeneity
measurements were performed on the optical surfaces, internal homogeneity, composition, optical properties and contaminants, as well as in the field of environment and health

About lab

Laser measurement technology and environmental laboratory services

The laboratory was established to provide laser based and environmental measurements for the institutions and to offer measurement services for customers. Most of the instruments and equipment of the laboratory were developed in our institute or were purchased in the frame of research projects and other grants. The following instrumentation is available in the laboratory:

- ZYGO New View 7100 interferometric three-dimensional surface profile analyzer, which is suitable for high resolution measurement of the topology of optical and other surfaces, and to determine flatness and roughness parameters at different scale.

- Laser light scattering measuring equipment for testing homogeneity and optical purity of substrates and bulk materials in high dynamic range.

- A Renishaw 1000 micro-Raman spectrometer for non-invasive determination of composition, contaminations and their distribution even at very low concentrations.

- Jobin Yvon Fluorolog FL322 photoluminescence spectrometer for the determination of the optical properties and electron structure of materials by the measurement of optical emission spectra in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared ranges.

We perform expedient measurements according to the requirements of our customers with the above instruments in the field of optical surface analysis, optical homogeneity and contamination analysis, measurement of optical properties and composition, and in the field of environmental and health protection. The laboratory has ISO9001 certification.