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to be held on 8th-10th November 2012 in Porto, Portugal

The scientific program is now complete, additional participants are highly welcome.
Chief organizer: Joao Pedro Araujo
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University of Porto, Portugal
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The EDNANO community decided at the end of the Milan workshop that the next event will be held in Porto (Portugal). It is a great pleasure for the community that the next time we can meet at the Porto University whose powerful electrodeposition group participated in the last two workshops with a large delegation.
The usual schedule preference of the EDNANO community will be obeyed; i.e., the next event will follow the Milan workshop approximately in one and a half years. Therefore, the EDNANO-9 Workshop will be held between 8-10 November 2012. The complete program and the documents for the registration can be downloaded from the links below:

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