SZFI Szeminárium
L. Robert Baker
(The Ohio State University, USA, vendéglátó: Dombi Péter)
Visualizing Electron Dynamics at Interfaces Using XUV Light

Directly observing electron dynamics at surfaces is required to understand and control the material properties that determine efficiency of many applications including efficient energy conversion as well as ultrafast information processing. Toward this goal, we have developed extreme ultraviolet reflection-absorption (XUV-RA) spectroscopy as a surface-specific analog of XUV transient absorption. This method combines the benefits of traditional X-ray absorption spectroscopy, such as element, oxidation, and spin state resolution, with surface sensitivity and ultrafast time resolution. Using this technique, we investigate charge and spin dynamics in materials with applications ranging from photocatalysis to optical control of magnetic switching. Last, I will also describe capabilities that will soon become available at the NSF National eXtreme Ultrafast Science Facility (NeXUS). NeXUS aspires to be a US sister facility to ELI-ALPS and is currently under development at Ohio State University.

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2023. április 11. kedd, 10.00
Wigner FK SZFI, 1. ép. 1. em. nagy előadóterem