PhD házivédés
Bo Fan
(Wigner FK SZFI)
Granular flows: effects of grain shape, surface friction and grain elasticity

Granular materials such as sand, grains and powders are present in numerous aspects of our daily life. Examples for granular flow are sand flow in an hourglass or tremendous landslides. The collective behavior of many grains can be very complex and often unpredictable.

In this thesis, we focus on the influence of particle properties, including the shape, surface friction and particle elasticity on granular flow, and look for correlations between these factors and the flow behavior. This allows us to deepen our understanding and knowledge of granular materials in the flowing regime, which as a result, can be helpful for future potential applications.

[1] Wang, J., Fan, B., Pongó, T., Harth, K., Trittel, T., Stannarius, R., Illig, M., Börzsönyi, T., Cruz Hidalgo, R. Soft Matter 17, 4282–4295 (2021)

[2] Pongó, T., Fan, B., Hernández-Delfin, D., Török, J., Stannarius, R., Hidalgo, R. C., & Börzsönyi, T. New Journal of Physics, 24, 103036 (2022)

∗ shared first authorship.

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