SZFI Szeminárium
Eva Klimesova
(ELI Beamlines, Prága, vendéglátó: Dombi Péter)
Ultrafast dynamics in nanoscale targets at ELI Beamlines

ELI Beamlines facility is an international research center operating high-power lasers and femtosecond secondary sources of accelerated particles and x-rays for user experiments. The MAC end-station at the ELI Beamlines is intended to investigations of ultrafast dynamics in low-density targets, such as atomic and molecular beams, clusters and nanoparticles, and imaging of solid targets.

I will focus on various nanoscale samples at the MAC end-station, ranging from few-nanometer helium nanodroplets and larger support-free dielectric nanoparticles to nanoscale structures on a substrate. In helium nanodroplets, I will present studies of secondary processes after irradiation with extreme ultraviolet light, relevant to the radiation damage in biological matter. These studies include interatomic Coulombic decay, collective autoionization in nanodroplets, and production and dynamics of transient nanoplasmas. Moving to larger dielectric nanoparticles, I will address the mutual interaction of the laser-irradiated nanoparticle with the gaseous environment. The presence of an uncondensed gas is very often neglected in investigations of nanoparticles in vacuum. However, I will show that it can have a dramatic effect on the measured spectra and the interpretation of results. Lastly, I will discuss possibilities of lensless imaging of solid samples using our high harmonic beamline.

2024. január 16. kedd, 10.00
Wigner FK SZFI, 1. ép. 1. em. nagy előadóterem