Wigner Research Centre for Physics - Advanced Materials Integrated Laboratory

Mission of ADMIL

The mission of Wigner ADMIL is fabrication and validating samples, which come from non-commercialized technologies for growing unique doped, functionalized ceramic, semiconductor, or metallic nanostructures or thin layers. These structures are prospective in applications such as nanoscale biosensors (DNA research, neurology), quantum optics (single-photon emitters), cutting-edge energetics (nanocrystals for photovoltaic applications, ceramics for fourth-generation nuclear reactors), and nanomagnetism.

In Wigner-ADMIL, not only the most widespread methods of fabrication and validation tools, based on melting and vapourization, are available, but others, like mechanical grinding, colloidal or electrolitic chemical procedures, doping or decomposition by ion implantation, doping or crystalline relaxation by annealing, as well as methods based on gas discharge and CVD growth. Combinations of these techniques are available too. Wigner-ADMIL is an open laboratory, i.e. its facilities and services may be deployed by third-party users and partners, either via personal contact or the order form downloadable here.

Contact person: Ádám Gali (admil@wigner.hu)