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Rules of Access to the Research Infrastructure (KI)

Free access to the equipments of the NANOMAG research infrastructure (KI) is provided to indoor users, that is every researcher of the Wigner RCP and the members of the Hungarian Mössbauer Network. Other necessary expenses (radioactive source, cryogenic liquids, substrate and target materials, etc.) have to be reimbursed by indoor users, as well, the actual prices are coordinated by the MMLH network and display at the network’s homepage.

External users can access the experimental facilities of the KI in the framework of scientific cooperation or as paid service. In case of scientific cooperation the share of expenses is governed by scientific agreements and the rules of the project financing the research. In case of paid service the external user is due to cover not only the necessary expenses of consumables, as detailed above, but an overhead for the use of the equipments and the laboratories, too. The latter cost is calculated by the financial department of Wigner RCP according to the legal calculation schemes. Distinction is not made between the external users in respect of the applied schemes or measures, but the actual amount can only be given after the knowledge of the details of the measuring request.

The timing of a measurement is always the subject of individual agreement which is realized between the contact person of the KI and the user.

The measuring request should be addressed to the contact person of the KI or indicate through the message window of the homepage. At present, the contact person of the KI is Judit Balogh with the following availabilities:
fax: 36-1-3922215