Pattern formation


Pattern formation is a spatio-temporal response of a system moved out of equilibrium by various excitations (e.g. electric or magnetic field, shear flow, thermal gradient or undercooling, pressure difference).


Liquid crystals (orientationally ordered anisotropic fluids) are very rich in pattern forming phenomena. Their transparency and optical anisotropy, as well as their convenient time (ms to s) and length (mm to mm) scales allow easy observation of various instabilities.


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ISBN-10: 0387946047

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Our group has been studying pattern forming instabilities in the bulk as well as at interfaces.



Investigated bulk instabilities:                        Electroconvection            (topic of current interest)

                                                                                Flexoelectric domains          (topic of current interest)

                                                                                Shear flow induced domains

Investigated interfacial instabilities:                Growth patterns at phase transitions

Viscous fingering