The first 27 years of Reverse Monte Carlo Modelling
Budapest, Hungary 17-19 September, 2015


From the airport:


Buy tickets in advance (at the airport/train station, etc. for example at a kiosk 'Relay' they usually have ) because they are not available on every the vehicles or in the stops (and ticket control appears randomly after the doors closed; the controllers are 'casually' dressed). At bigger stations, you can pay by credit card.

A single ticket is valid for one travel without change; the one exception is the Metro (underground) lines where you can change (there the ticket is valid for 60 minutes). A single ticket costs 350 HUF ( ~1.10 €). Pack-of-10 costs 3000 HUF; the company (BKV) offers different discounts for weekends; for 3 consecutive days; etc. See the Budapest Public Transport page.

From the airport Ferihegy bus 200E takes you to terminal of Metro 3 (blue), which you must take to get in the center. During the night bus 900 is running.

The easiest is to get the bus 34 running closest to the hotel, from Metro 3 at the stop Árpád híd to Sinkovits Imre utca. The last perpendicular street what the bus passes by is Piroska utca, where the hotel is.

Vehicles run till 22:30-23:00 in general. The tram 4-6 runs all night, otherwise night buses are on duty; what you need is bus 923, it goes on the line of the tram 4-6 from Boráros tér to Margit híd, and then follows the line of the H5 suburban railway. Drop off at Mátyás király út and walk down on that street.

Have fun! If you need further information don't hesitate to contact us.