Previous Conferences
The first 30 years
of Reverse Monte Carlo Modelling
Budapest, Hungary
20-22 September 2018


In 2018 Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) modelling, a method for modelling structural disorder in liquids, amorphous and crystalline solids, will have been around for 30 years. The first international meeting dedicated to RMC was organised by Robert McGreevy and held in Studsvik (Sweden) in 1994. 14 years ago (October 2003), we met in Budapest to hold the 2nd RMC Conference. It was there where the participants agreed to hold such meetings every third year. According to this plan, the 3rd RMC and 4th meetings were held in Hotel Normafa, Budapest (Hungary) late in September in 2006 and early October, 2009, respectively. As the attendees would remember, the meeting in 2012 had to be transferred in the last minute to another venue within Budapest, Holiday Beach Wellness Hotel, where also our last meeting, RMC-6, was held in 2015.
It is therefore timely to hold the next international conference on (all the diverse aspects of) Reverse Monte Carlo modelling.


Registration fees will be kept to the absolute minimum; depending on sponsoration, a maximum of about 100 € may have to be asked for. The exact amount will be announced early in 2018. Budapest can be reached quite cheaply by plane, train or car; accommodation + half board (breakfast + lunch) for three days will probably not exceed about 300 €.


We believe that the conference will provide an excellent opportunity also for a short family break. The extra cost for a second person in a hotel room would not cost more than about 40 €/day (including lunch)! In case there is a need for it, we will try to organise programs for your partners/children.

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David KEEN,