Previous Conferences
The first 30 years
of Reverse Monte Carlo Modelling
Budapest, Hungary
20-22 September 2018


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8:50 László Pusztai
Introduction and Welcome
9:00 David Keen
Thirty years of RMC: An introduction and review of recent developments
9:30 Pál Jóvári
Short range order in covalent glasses - problems and possible solutions
10:00 Matt Tucker
RMCProfile: Moving closer to complex modelling
10:30 COFFEE
11:00 Ildikó Pethes
On the structure of highly concentrated aqueous lithium chloride solutions from a combination of RMC and MD techniques and 29 interatomic potential models
11:20 Tom Farmer
Tailoring molecular potentials for dynamics using quasi-elastic neutron scattering
11:40 Szilvia Pothoczki
Temperature-induced changes in the hydrogen-bond network of isopropanol-water mixtures at low isopropanol concentration
12:00 Joe Paddison
Understanding Spin Liquids using RMC Refinement
12:20 Mark Wilkinson
Analysis of Rhenium Trioxide as a model for using a phonon-based displacement methodology in RMC
12:40 LUNCH
14:10 Janis Timoshenko
Deciphering the structure of metallic nanoparticles using reverse Monte Carlo method, molecular dynamics and machine learning
14:30 Helen Playford
Insights into Stacking Disorder in Ice I using Pair Distribution Functions
14:50 Harry Geddes
Compositional inhomonogeity in mixed-metal MOFs
15:10 Phillip Maffettone
Amorphous zeolitic imidazolate frameworks with D4h local symmetry
16:20 Nick Funnell
High-pressure total scattering at ISIS
16:40 Karen Appel
New perspectives for high energy density science studies using free electron laser (FEL) light source
17:00 Gyula Faigel
The possibility of structural studies by a single XFEL pulse
17:30 END

9:00 Andrew Goodwin
When does RMC work? When does RMC fail? (A personal perspective)
9:30 Martin Dove
Neutron total scattering studies of three multiferroic crystals
10:00 Alexei Kuzmin
Disorder effects in EXAFS spectra: molecular dynamics vs reverse Monte Carlo simulations
10:20 Angela Trapananti
Structural refinement of molecular and condensed systems by RMC-GNXAS: recent advances and applications
10:40 COFFEE
11:10 Karel Saksl
Atomic structure of Ca-based metallic glasses
11:30 Shinya Hosokawa
Partial structures of the traditional bulk metallic glass Pd40Ni40P20
11:50 Stefan Michalik
Binary Cu-Hf metallic glasses investigated by the reverse Monte Carlo simulation and Voronoi analysis
12:10 Yohei Onodera
Modification of Phosphate Network in binary zinc phosphate glass
12:30 LUNCH
14:00 Wojciech Slawinski
RMCProfile7: Reverse Monte Carlo program for modelling of multiphase systems
14:20 Guanqun Cai
Experiments with RMCprofile 7: multiphase RMC
14:40 Victor Krayzmann
Combined-technique structure refinements in RMCProfile
15:00 Tomotaka Nakatani
Evaluation of dispersion state of silica particles in rubber during elongation using RMC modelling
15:20 Rupert Tscheließnig
How proteins scatter - fractal aspects
16:20 Naoto Kitamura
Local Structure Analysis on Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-Based Materials with Perovskite Structure
16:40 László Temleitner
Studying the structure of Li-salts using molecular dynamics and Reverse Monte Carlo methods
17:00 Jiaxun Liu
Local structure of lead halide perovskites for photovoltaic applications
17:20 Marshall McDonnell
Guest-Host Interactions in Mixed CH4-CO2 Hydrates: Neutron total scattering and computational modeling
17:40 END

9:00 Markus Winterer
Dopant Position in Inorganic Semiconductor Nanoparticles from Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) analysis of Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) Spectra
9:20 Inga Jonane
Treatment of disorder in XANES by RMC simulations
9:40 Lei Tan
RMC for nanoclusters
10:00 Andris Anspoks
Reverse Monte Carlo CuO local structure studies across magnetic transitions (T = 10-300K) from EXAFS data
10:20 COFFEE
10:50 Lewis Owen
Local effects in crystalline alloys using RMC
11:10 Hiroki Yamada
Structural Evolution of Amorphous Precursors towards Zeolites Visualized by in-situ Relative PDF Approach
11:30 Benjamin Klee
Molecular RMC simulation on amorphous [(PhSn)4S6] without using potentials
11:50 Matt Tucker
Closing comments and Summary: the next 30 years of RMC modelling
12:30 LUNCH