Previous Conferences
The first 30 years
of Reverse Monte Carlo Modelling
Budapest, Hungary
20-22 September 2018


A. Anspoks Reverse Monte Carlo CuO local structure studies across magnetic transitions (T=10-300K) from EXAFS data
K. Appel New perspectives for high energy density science studies using FEL light sources
G. Cai Experiments with RMCprofile 7: multiphase RMC
M. Dove Neutron total scattering studies of three multiferroic crystals
Gy. Faigel The possibility of structural studies by a single XFEL pulse
T. Farmer Tailoring molecular potentials for dynamics using quasi-elastic neutron scattering
N. Funnell High-pressure total scattering at ISIS
H. Geddes Compositional inhomogenity in mixed-metal MOFs
A. GoodwinWhen does RMC work? When does RMC fail? (A personal perspective)
S. Hosokawa Partial structures of the traditional bulk metallic glass Pd40Ni40P20
I. Jonane Treatment of disorder in XANES by RMC simulations
P. Jóvári Short range order in covalent glasses - problems and possible solutions
D. Keen Thirty Years of Reverse Monte Carlo: An Introduction and Review of Recent Developments
N. Kitamura Local Structure Analysis on Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 - Based Materials with Perovskite Structure
B. Klee Molecular RMC simulation on amorphous [(PhSn)4S6] without using potentials
V. Krayzman Combined-technique structure refinements in RMCProfile
A. Kuzmin Disorder effects in EXAFS spectra: molecular dynamics vs reverse Monte Carlo simulations
J. Liu Local structure of lead halide perovskites for photovoltaic applications
P. Maffettone Amorphous zeolitic imidazolate frameworks with D4h local symmetry
M. McDonnell Guest-Host Interactions in Mixed CH4-CO2 Hydrates: Neutron total scattering and computational modeling
Š. Michalik Binary Cu-Hf metallic glasses investigated by the reverse Monte Carlo simulation and Voronoi analysis
T. Nakatani Evaluation of dispersion state of silica particles in rubber during elongation using RMC modelling
Y. Onodera Modification of Phosphate Network in binary zinc phosphate glass
L. Owen Local effects in crystalline alloys using RMC
J. Paddison Understanding Spin Liquids using RMC Refinement
I. Pethes On the structure of highly concentrated aqueous lithium chloride solutions from a combination of RMC and MD techniques and 29 interatomic potential models
H. Playford Insights into Stacking Disorder in Ice I using Pair Distribution Functions
Sz. Pothoczki Temperature-induced changes in the hydrogen-bond network of isopropanol-water mixtures at low isopropanol concentration
M. Saito Microscopic Structure and Dynamics in Ionic Glass Ca0.4K0.6(NO3)1.4: Quasi-Elastic Gamma-Ray Scattering and X-Ray Diffraction Studies
K. Saksl Atomic structure of Ca-based metallic glasses
W. Slawinski RMCProfile7: Reverse Monte Carlo program for modelling of multiphase systems
L. Tan RMC for nanoclusters
L. Temleitner Studying the structure of Li-salts using molecular dynamics and Reverse Monte Carlo methods
J. Timoshenko Deciphering structure of metallic nanoparticles using reverse Monte Carlo method, molecular dynamics and machine learning
A. Trapananti Structural refinement of molecular and condensed systems by RMC-GNXAS: recent advances and applications
R. Tscheließnig How proteins scatter - fractal aspects
M. Tucker RMCProfile: Moving closer to complex modelling
M. Wilkinson Analysis of Rhenium Trioxide as a model for using a phonon-based displacement methodology in RMC
M. Winterer Dopant Position in Inorganic Semiconductor Nanoparticles from Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) analysis of Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) Spectra
H. Yamada Structural Evolution of Amorphous Precursors towards Zeolites Visualized by in-situ Relative PDF Approach