Collaborators (not an exhaustive list)

Frédéric Mila, EPFL Lausanne
Nic Shannon, OIST, Okinawa
Frank Pollmann, MPIPKS, Dresden
Masaki Oshikawa, University of Tokyo, Tokyo
Yukitoshi Motome, University of Tokyo, Tokyo
Andreas Läuchli, Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck
Annamária Kiss, Wigner RCP, Budapest
Philippe Corboz, ETH Zürich
István Kézsmárki, BUTE, Budapest

Current PhD and MSc students

Péter Balla

MSc student (2008-)


Former students and postdocs

Miklós Lajkó

PhD student 2008-2013
PhD thesis: Fluctuating moments in one and two dimensional Mott insulators [download pdf, 3.6Mb]
Current position: Postdoc in Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa


Judit Romhányi

PhD student at BUTE 2007-2012
PhD thesis: Exotic Ordering and Multipole Excitations in Anisotropic Systems [download pdf, 6.7Mb]
Current position: Postdoc in Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) in Dresden


Luís Seabra

PostDoc (2011, 6months)
Current position: Postdoc at MPIPKS in Dresden.

email: ...

Tamás A. Tóth

PhD student at EPFL 2007-2011, jointly supervised with F. Mila
PhD thesis: Quadrupolar Ordering in Two-Dimensional Spin-One Systems [download pdf, 5.4Mb]

email: ...

Dániel Varjas

MSc student (2009-2011)
Current position: PhD student at Berkeley University