Current PhD and MSc students

Dániel Vörös

PhD student since 2019

Péter Balla

MSc student, graduated in 2014
MSc thesis: The Equation of Motion Method for Spin Systems with Multipolar Hamiltonians [download pdf, 12.3Mb]
PhD student since 2014

Former students and postdocs

Miklós Lajkó

earned PhD in 2013,
thesis: Fluctuating moments in one and two dimensional Mott insulators [download pdf, 3.6Mb]


Judit Romhányi

earned PhD in 2012,
thesis: Exotic Ordering and Multipole Excitations in Anisotropic Systems [download pdf, 6.7Mb]


Luís Seabra

PostDoc (2011, 6months)

Tamás A. Tóth

earned PhD in 2011 at EPFL [jointly supervised with F. Mila],
thesis: Quadrupolar Ordering in Two-Dimensional Spin-One Systems [download pdf, 5.4Mb]

Dániel Varjas

MSc student, graduated in 2011