Metallurgy and Magnetism

Nanocrystalline soft-magnetic alloys (L.K. Varga). Systematic studies are carried out on the soft magnetic properties of nanocrystalline materials obtained from amorphous precursors. Beside the Fe-B-Si-Cu-Nb based, FINEMET type alloys, the Fe-Zr-B based alloys were also investigated. In both types of materials the nature and volume fraction of the structural phases are subject of a great controversy in the literature. For both types of materials it has been shown that instead of the stable phases a supersaturated metastable bcc phase appears in the first stage of crystallization (with the early transition element dissolved in the bcc phase) which is responsible for the Tc suppression of the bcc phase and this metastable phase transforms only at the second stage of crystallization by precipitation of the solute elements indicated by the steep increase of Tc.

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Digital lock-in amplifierNon-destructive evaluation of materials (F. Tóth) Non-destructive evaluation of stresses and fatigue damage in steel structural components through variation in magnetic properties. Development of low frequency remote-field eddy current method for inspecting internal and external defects in ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic pipes, tubes in heat exchangers and storage tanks.
Digital Lock-in Amplifier

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