Theoretical Solid State Physics Department

Staff of the Department

Since the reorganization of the Institute on 1. January, 2013. the Department consists of the following research groups:

Main fields of our reseach work:

  • Determination of phase-diagrams of spin-ladders using density matrix- renormalization group method
  • Mapping of the self-states of the one-dimensional attractive Hubbard- model using Bethe Ansatz
  • Consequences of magnetic impurities in mesoscopic metals.
  • Investigation of connections between two-level systems and various Kondo-models using renormalization group method
  • Interpretation of the results of Raman-scattering with the help of the bilayer-model
  • Investigation of magnetic anisotropy of thin layers considering the spin- orbit coupling, Kondo-effect, and relativistic effects
  • Determination of atomic volume, and elastic properties of transition metals using full charge-density techique.
  • Conditions of ferromagnetic order formation in lattice models. Investigation of the connection between Kondo lattice-and band ferromagnetism in correlated two-band model.
  • Investigation of the dinamic exponents of non-equilibrium phase transitions in the kinetic Ising model.
  • Determination of dinamic properties and self-states of Bose-condensed gases.