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1. Boguslawski K, Tecmer P, Legeza Ö: Analysis of two-orbital correlations in wave functions restricted to electron-pair states. PHYS REV B 94:(15) 155126/1-8 (2016) DOI
2. Hagymási I, Legeza Ö: Characterization of a correlated topological Kondo insulator in one dimension. PHYS REV B 93:(16) 165104/1-6 (2016) DOI
3. Hagymási I, Legeza Ö: Entanglement, excitations, and correlation effects in narrow zigzag graphene nanoribbons. PHYS REV B 94:(16) 165147/1-8 (2016) DOI
4. Krumnow C, Veis L, Legeza Ö, Eisert J: Fermionic orbital optimization in tensor network states. PHYS REV LETTERS 117:(21) 210402/1-6 (2016) DOI
5. Timár M, Barcza G, Gebhard F, Veis L, Legeza Ö: Hückel-Hubbard-Ohno modeling of π-bonds in ethene and ethyne with application to trans-polyacetylene. PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS 18:(28) 18835-18845 (2016) DOI
6. Veis L, Antalík A, Brabec J, Neese F, Legeza O, Pittner J: Coupled cluster method with single and double excitations tailored by matrix product state wave functions. J PHYS CHEM LETTERS 7:(20) 4072-4078 (2016) DOI


7. Sólyom J, Zaránd G: A kvantumtérelmélettől a szilárdtest-fizikáig. Zawadowski Alfréd tudományos életútja (From Quantum field theory to Solid State Physics. The scientific carreer of Alfréd Zawadowski, in Hungarian). FIZIKAI SZEMLE 66:(5) 146-150 (2016) LINK