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1. Csóré A, Magnusson B, Son NT, Gällström A, Ohshima T, Ivanov IG, Gali Á: First-principles study on photoluminescence quenching of divacancy in 4H SIC. MATER SCI FORUM 963: 714-717 (2019) DOI
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6. Li S, Chou J-P, Wei J, Sun M, Hu A, Gali Á: Oxygenated (113) diamond surface for nitrogen-vacancy quantum sensors with preferential alignment and long coherence time from first principles. CARBON 145: 273-280 (2019) DOI
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9. Spindlberger L, Csóré A, Thiering G, Putz S, Karhu R, Ul Hassan J, Son NT, Fromherz T, Gali Á, Trupke M: Optical properties of vanadium in 4H silicon carbide for quantum technology. PHYS REV APPL 12:1 014015 pp. 1-11 (2019) DOI
10. Stacey A, Dontschuk N, Chou J-P, Broadway DA, Schenk AK, Sear MJ, Tetienne J-P, Hoffman A, Prawer S, Pakes CI, Tadich A, de Leon NP, Gali Á, Hollenberg LCL: Evidence for primal sp2 defects at the diamond surface: candidates for electron trapping and noise sources. ADV MATER INTERFACES 6:3 1801449 pp. 1-22 (2019) DOI
11. Sugimoto H, Somogyi B, Nakamura T, Zhou H, Ichihashi Y, Nishiyama S, Gali Á, Fujii M: Size-dependent photocatalytic activity of cubic boron phosphide nanocrystals in the quantum confinement regime. J PHYS CHEM C 123:37 23226-23235 pp. 1-10 (2019) DOI
12. Thiering G, Gali Á: The (eg ⊗ eu ) ⊗ Eg product Jahn–Teller effect in the neutral group-IV vacancy quantum bits in diamond. NPJ COMPUT MATER 5:1 18 pp. 1-6 (2019) DOI
13. Udvarhelyi P, Nagy R, Kaiser F, Lee SY, Wrachtrup J, Gali Á: Spectrally stable defect qubits with no inversion symmetry for robust spin-to-photon interface. PHYS REV APPL 11:4 044022 pp. 1-8 (2019) DOI
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1. Abdi M, Chou JP, Gali Á, Plenio MB: Color centers in hexagonal boron nitride monolayers: A group theory and ab initio analysis. ACS PHOTONICS 5:5 1967-1976 (2018) DOI
2. Beke D, Fučíková A, Jánosi TZ, Károlyházy Gy, Somogyi B, Lenk S, Krafcsik O, Czigány Z, Erostyák J, Kamarás K, Valenta J, Gali Á: Direct observation of transition from solid-state to molecular-like optical properties in ultrasmall silicon carbide nanoparticles. J PHYS CHEM C 122:46 26713-26721 (2018) DOI
3. Bockstedte M, Schutz F, Garratt T, Ivády V, Gali Á: Ab initio description of highly correlated states in defects for realizing quantum bits. NPJ QUANTUM MATER 3: 31/1-6 (2018) DOI
4. Chou JP, Bodrog Z, Gali Á: First-principles study of charge diffusion between proximate solid-state qubits and its implications on sensor applications. PHYS REV LETT 120:13 136401/1-5 (2018) DOI
5. Davidsson J, Ivády V, Armiento R, Son NT, Gali Á, Abrikosov IA: First principles predictions of magneto-optical data for semiconductor point defect identification: the case of divacancy defects in 4H-SiC. NEW J PHYS 20: 023035/1-14 (2018) DOI
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23. Zhuang Y, Chou J-P, Chen HYT, Hsu YY, Hu CW, Hu A, Chen TY: Atomic scale Pt decoration promises oxygen reduction properties of Co@Pd nanocatalysts in alkaline electrolytes for 310k redox cycles. SUSTAIN ENERG FUELS 2:5 946-957 (2018) DOI
See also: Lee J-Y et al. SURF SCI 674: 51-68 (2018) DOI
Dravecz G et al. PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS 20:19 13419-13429 (2018) DOI



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Conference proceedings

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See also: 1. Dravecz G. et al.