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1. Balogh J, Kaptás D, Kiss LF, Dézsi I, Nakanishi A, Devlin E, Vasilakaki M, Margaris G, Trohidou KN: Increase of the blocking temperature of Fe-Ag granular multilayers with increasing number of the layers. J MAGN MAGN MATER 401: 386-390 (2016) DOI
2. Kiss LF, Kemény T, Bednarčík J, Gamcová J, Liermann H-P: Influence of the critical Fe atomic volume on the magnetism of Fe-rich metallic glasses evidenced by pressure-dependent measurements. PHYS REV B 93:(21) 214424/1-14 (2016) DOI
3. Náfrádi B, Antal A, Fehér T, Kiss LF, Mézière C, Batail P, Forró L, Jánossy A: Frustration-induced one-dimensionality in the isosceles triangular antiferromagnetic lattice of δ -(EDT-TTF- CONMe2)2AsF6. PHYS REV B 94:(17) 174413/1-6 (2016) DOI