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1. Taricska N, Bokor M, Menyhárd DK, Tompa K, Perczel A: Hydration shell differentiates folded and disordered states of a Trp-cage miniprotein, allowing characterization of structural heterogeneity by wide-line NMR measurements. SCI REP 9:1 2947 pp. 1-9 (2019) DOI
2. Tompa K, Bokor M, Tompa P: Globuláris szerkezetű fehérjék vizes oldatainak olvadásidiagramja és termodinamikai értelmezésük (Globular proteins – melting diagrams of aqueous solutions, thermodynamic interpretation, in Hungarian). MAGYAR KÉMIAI FOLYÓIRAT 125:4 147-155 (2019) DOI



1. Balogh J, Süle P, Bujdosó L, Horváth ZE, Kaptás D, Kovács A, Merkel DG, Nakanishi A, Sajti Sz, Bottyán L: Asymmetric alloy formation at the Fe-on-Ti and Ti-on-Fe interfaces. J PHYS-CONDENS MAT 30:45 455001/1-9 (2018) DOI
2. Kiss LF, Balogh J, Bujdosó L, Kaptás D: Magnetic properties of Fe-Ag multilayers with varying layer thickness and bilayer number. PHYS REV B 98:14 144423/1-10 (2018) DOI
3. Kocsis V, Bordács S, Deisenhofer J, Kiss LF, Ohgushi K, Kaneko Y, Tokura Y, Kézsmárki I: Strong magneto-optical effects in ACr2O4 (A = Fe, Co) spinel oxides generated by tetrahedrally coordinated transition metal ions. PHYS REV B 97:12 125140/1-8 (2018) DOI
4. Popova M, Trendafilova I, Szegedi Á, Momekova D, Mihály J, Momekov G, Kiss LF, Lázár K, Koseva N: Novel SO3H functionalized magnetic nanoporous silica/polymer nanocomposite as a carrier in a dual-drug delivery system for anticancer therapy. MICROPOR MESOPOR MAT 263: 96-105 (2018) DOI
5. White JS, Butykai A, Cubitt R, Honecker D, Dewhurst CD, Kiss LF, Tsurkan V, Bordács S: Direct evidence for cycloidal modulations in the thermal-fluctuation-stabilized spin spiral and skyrmion states of GaV4S8. PHYS REV B 97:2 020401/1-5 (2018) DOI

Radiofrequency spectroscopy group:


1. Bokor M, Tantos A, Meszaros A, Jenei B, Haminda R, Tompa P, Tompa K: Molecular motions and interactions in aqueous solutions of thymosin-beta4 , stabilin C-terminal domain (CTD) and their 1:1 complex studied by 1H NMR spectroscopy. CHEMPHYSCHEM 19:7 848-856 (2018) DOI
2. Tompa K, Bokor M, Tompa P: The melting diagram of protein solutions and its thermodynamic interpretation. INT J MOL SCI 19:11 3571/1-11 (2018) DOI



1. Butykai A, Bordács S, Kiss LF, Szigeti BG, Tsurkan V, Loidl A, Kézsmárki I: Relaxation dynamics of modulated magnetic phases in the skyrmion host GaV4 S8: An ac magnetic susceptibility study. PHYS REV B 96:(10) 104430/1-10 (2017)
2. Kiss LF, Bakonyi I: Magnetic phase diagrams of amorphous (Ni100-xFex)-metalloid alloys: The key role of the electronic density of states at the Fermi level for the onset of magnetic order. J MAGN MAGN MATER 441: 328-332. (2017)
3. Sazonov A, Hutanu V, Meven M, Roth G, Murakawa H, Tokura Y, Guduru VK, Peters LCJM, Zeitler U, Kiss LF, Szaller D, Nafradi B, Kezsmarki I: Magnetic structure of the magnetoelectric material Ca2CoSi2O7. PHYS REV B 95:(17) 174431/1-9 (2017)
See also: 1. Callori SJ et al., IEEE MAGN LETT 8: 7742371/1-5 (2017)
2. Zsurzsa S et al.



1. Balogh J, Kaptás D, Kiss LF, Dézsi I, Nakanishi A, Devlin E, Vasilakaki M, Margaris G, Trohidou KN: Increase of the blocking temperature of Fe-Ag granular multilayers with increasing number of the layers. J MAGN MAGN MATER 401: 386-390 (2016) DOI
2. Kiss LF, Kemény T, Bednarčík J, Gamcová J, Liermann H-P: Influence of the critical Fe atomic volume on the magnetism of Fe-rich metallic glasses evidenced by pressure-dependent measurements. PHYS REV B 93:(21) 214424/1-14 (2016) DOI
3. Náfrádi B, Antal A, Fehér T, Kiss LF, Mézière C, Batail P, Forró L, Jánossy A: Frustration-induced one-dimensionality in the isosceles triangular antiferromagnetic lattice of δ -(EDT-TTF- CONMe2)2AsF6. PHYS REV B 94:(17) 174413/1-6 (2016) DOI