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1. Bortel G, Faigel G, Tegze M, Chumakov A: Measurement of synchrotron-radiation-excited Kossel patterns. J SYNCHROTRON RADIAT 23: 214-218 (2016) DOI
2. Faigel G, Bortel G, Tegze M: Experimental phase determination of the structure factor from Kossel line profile. SCI REP-UK 6: 22904/1-8 (2016) DOI
3. Ho PJ, Knight C, Tegze M, Faigel G, Bostedt C, Young L: Atomistic three-dimensional coherent x-ray imaging of nonbiological systems. PHYS REV A 94:(6) 063823/1-14 (2016) DOI
4. Müller C, Németh K, Vesztergom S, Pajkossy T, Jacob T: The interface between HOPG and 1-butyl-3-methyl-imidazolium hexafluorophosphate. PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS 18:(2) 916-925 (2016) DOI
5. Németh G, Datz D, Tóháti HM, Pekker Á, Kamarás K: Scattering near-field optical microscopy on metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotube bundles in the infrared. PHYS STATUS SOLIDI B 253:(12) 2413-2416 (2016) DOI
6. Oszlányi G, Sütő A: Volumic omit maps in ab initio dual-space phasing. ACTA CRYSTALLOGR A 72:(4) 480-488 (2016) DOI
7. Parajdi-Losonczi PL, Bényei AC, Kováts É, Timári I, Muchova TR, Novohradsky V, Kasparkova J, Buglyó P: [(η6-p-cymene)Ru(H2O)3]2+ binding capability of aminohydroxamates - A solution and solid state study. J INORG BIOCHEM 160: 236-245 (2016) DOI
8. Pekker Á, Németh G, Botos Á, Tóháti HM, Borondics F, Osváth Z, Biró LP, Walker K, Khlobystov AN, Kamarás K: Cloaking by π-electrons in the infrared. PHYS STATUS SOLIDI B 253:(12) 2457-2460 (2016) DOI
9. Podmaniczky F, Tóth GI, Pusztai T, Gránásy L: Investigating nucleation using the phase-field method. J INDIAN I SCI 96:(3) 161-178 (2016) LINK
10. Quintavalle D, Márkus BG, Jánossy A, Simon F, Klupp G, Gyori MA, Kamarás K, Magnani G, Pontiroli D, Riccò M: Electronic and ionic conductivities in superionic Li4 C60. PHYS REV B 93:(20) 205103/1-8 (2016) DOI
11. Saftics A, Kurunczi S, Szekrényes Zs, Kamarás K, Khánh NQ, Sulyok A, Bősze Sz, Horvath R: Fabrication and characterization of ultrathin dextran layers: time dependent nanostructure in aqueous environments revealed by OWLS. COLLOID SURFACE B 146: 861-870 (2016) DOI
12. Spina M, Náfrádi B, Tóháti HM, Kamarás K, Bonvin E, Gaal R, Forró L, Horváth E: Ultrasensitive 1D field-effect phototransistors: CH3NH3PbI3 nanowire sensitized individual carbon nanotubes. NANOSCALE 8:(9) 4888-4893 (2016) DOI
13. Tegze M, Bortel G: Coherent diffraction imaging: Consistency of the assembled three-dimensional distribution. ACTA CRYSTALLOGR A 72:(4) 459-464 (2016) DOI
14. Toth GI: Phase-field modeling of isothermal quasi-incompressible multicomponent liquids. PHYS REV E 94:(3) 033114/1-9 (2016) DOI
15. Tóth GI, Zarifi M, Kvamme B: Phase-field theory of multicomponent incompressible Cahn-Hilliard liquids. PHYS REV E 93:(1) 013126/1-13 (2016) DOI

Book chapter

16. Apel M, Spatschek R, Roters F, Larsson H, Gandin C-A, Guillemot G, Podmaniczky F, Gránásy L, Schmitz GJ, Chen Q: Microstructure Modeling. In: Schmitz GJ, Prahl U (eds.): Handbook of Software Solutions for ICME. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA (ISBN:978-3-527-33902-0) pp. 269-323 (2016) DOI

See also: 1. Beke D. et al.