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1. Kornyik M, Vukics A: The Monte Carlo wave-function method: A robust adaptive algorithm and a study in convergence. COMPUT PHYS COMMUN 238: 88-101 (2019) DOI
2. Vukics A, Dombi A, Fink JM, Domokos P: Finite-size scaling of the photon-blockade breakdown dissipative quantum phase transition. QUANTUM 3: 150 pp. 1-14 (2019) DOI



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3. Kónya G: Derivation of the Keldysh path integral from the master equation of a harmonic oscillator in a thermal bath via supercoherent states. J RUSS LASER RES 39:5 473-483 (2018) DOI
4. Nagy D, Kónya G, Domokos P, Szirmai G: Quantum noise in a transversely-pumped-cavity Bose-Hubbard model. PHYS REV A 97:6 063602/1-8 (2018) DOI
5. Vukics A, Domokos P: Infinitesimal multimode Bargmann-state representation. J RUSS LASER RES 39:4 353-359 (2018) DOI



1. Fink J M, Dombi A, Vukics A, Wallraff A, Domokos P: Observation of the photon-blockade breakdown phase transition. PHYS REV X 7:(1) 011012/1-9 (2017) DOI
2. Mráz A, Kis Z, Imre S, Gyongyosi L, Bacsardi L: Quantum circuit-based modeling of continuous-variable quantum key distribution system. INT J CIRC THEOR APP 45:(7) 1017-1028 (2017) DOI
3. Domokos P: A kvantummechanikától a kvantumtechnológiáig (From quantum mechanics to quantum technology, in Hungarian). TERMÉSZET VILÁGA 148:(11) 500-503 (2017)
4. Federsel P, Rogulj C, Menold T, Darázs Z, Domokos P, Günther A, Fortágh J: Noise spectroscopy with a quantum gas. PHYS REV A 95:(4) 043603/1-5 (2017) DOI

See also: 3. Kijatkin C, et al



1. Sinkovicz P, Szirmai G, Penc K: Order by disorder in a four-flavor Mott insulator on the fcc lattice. PHYS REV B 93:(7) 075137/1-11 (2016) DOI
2. Jakab D, Szirmai E, Lewenstein M, Szirmai G: Competing valence bond and symmetry-breaking Mott states of spin- 32 fermions on a honeycomb lattice. PHYS REV B 93:(6) 064434/1-10 (2016) DOI
3. Sinkovicz P, Kiss T, Asbóth JK: Generalized Kac lemma for recurrence time in iterated open quantum systems. PHYS REV A 93:(5) 050101/1-5 (2016) DOI
4. Griesser T, Vukics A, Domokos P: Depolarization shift of the superradiant phase transition. PHYS REV A 94:(3) 033815/1-7 (2016) DOI
5. Altenburg S, Wölk S, Tóth G, Gühne O: Optimized parameter estimation in the presence of collective phase noise. PHYS REV A 94:(5) 052306/1-15 (2016) DOI
6. Nagy D, Domokos P: Critical exponent of quantum phase transitions driven by colored noise. PHYS REV A 94:(6) 063862/1-11 (2016) DOI

See also: 4. Kálmán O. et al.