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1. Dravecz G, Bencs L, Beke D, Gali A: Determination of silicon and aluminum in silicon carbide nanocrystals by high-resolution continuum source graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. TALANTA 147: 271-275 (2016) DOI
2. Laczai N, Kovács L, Péter Á, Bencs L: Solid sampling determination of lithium and sodium additives in microsamples of yttrium oxyorthosilicate by high-resolution continuum source graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. SPECTROCHIM ACTA B 117: 8-15 (2016) DOI
3. Lengyel K, Beregi E, Földvári I, Corradi G, Kovács L, Solarz P, Ryba-Romanowski W: Effect of symmetry reduction on the electronic transitions in polytypic GdAl3(BO3)4:Eu:Tb crystals. OPT MATER 53: 30-33 (2016) DOI
4. Mandula G, Kis Zs, Kovács L, Szaller Zs, Krampf A: Site selective measurement of relaxation properties at 980nm in Er3+ doped congruent and stoichiometric lithium niobate crystals. APPL PHYS B-LASERS O 122:(4) UNSP 72/1-8 (2016) DOI
5. Unferdorben M, Buzády A, Hebling J, Kiss K, Hajdara I, Kovács L, Péter Á, Pálfalvi L: Index of refraction and absorption coefficient spectra of paratellurite in the terahertz region. J INFRARED MILLIM TE 37: 703-709 (2016) DOI
6. Romet I, Aleksanyan E, Brik MG, Corradi G, Kotlov A, Nagirnyi V, Polgár K: Recombination luminescence of Cu and/or Ag doped lithium tetraborate single crystals. J LUMIN 177: 9-16 (2016) DOI
7. Bridges F, Mackeen C, Kovács L: No difference in local structure about a Zn dopant for congruent and stoichiometric LiNbO3. PHYS REV B 94:(1) 014101/1-5 (2016) DOI
8. Ajtony Z, Laczai N, Dravecz G, Szoboszlai N, Marosi Á, Marlok B, Streli C, Bencs L: Fast and direct screening of copper in micro-volumes of distilled alcoholic beverages by high-resolution continuum source graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. FOOD CHEM 213: 799-805 (2016) DOI
9. Dravecz G, Laczai N, Hajdara I, Bencs L: Solid sampling determination of magnesium in lithium niobate crystals by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. SPECTROCHIM ACTA B 126: 1-5 (2016) DOI
10. Freytag F, Corradi G, Imlau M: Atomic insight to lattice distortions caused by carrier self-trapping in oxide materials. SCI REP 6: 36929/1-7 (2016) DOI
11. Godoi RHM, Goncalves SJ, Sayama C, Polezer G, Neto JMR, Alfoldy B, Van Grieken R, Riedi CA, Yamamoto CI, Godoi AFL, Bencs L: Health implications of atmospheric aerosols from asbestos-bearing road pavements traditionally used in Southern Brazil. ENVIRON SCI POLLUT R 23:(24) 25180-25190 (2016) DOI

Article in Hungarian

12. Buzády A, Tóth Gy, Unferdorben M, Hebling J, Oláh L, Hajdara I, Kovács L, Mező E, Lemli B, Kunsági-Máté S, Pálfalvi L: Dielektromos jellemzők meghatározása a THz-es frekvenciatartományban (Determination of dielectric parameters in THz frequency region, in Hungarian). FIZIKAI SZEMLE 66:(12) 413-417 (2016)

Book chapter

13. Földvári I, Péter Á, Sujan GK: Bi2TeO5: growth and properties. In: Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering. Ed.: Saleem Hashmi, Elsevier, Oxford, pp. 512-515 (2016) DOI