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1. Antanasijević J, Antanasijević D, Pocajt V, Trišović N, Fodor-Csorba K: A QSPR study on the liquid crystallinity of five-ring bent-core molecules using decision trees, MARS and artificial neural networks. RSC ADVANCES 6:(22) 18452-18464 (2016) DOI
2. Antanasijević J, Pocajt V, Antanasijević D, Trišović N, Fodor-Csorba K: Prediction of clearing temperatures of bent-core liquid crystals using decision trees and multivariate adaptive regression splines. LIQUID CRYSTALS 43:(8) 1028-1037 (2016) DOI
3. Boschan J, Vågberg D, Somfai E, Tighe BP: Beyond linear elasticity: Jammed solids at finite shear strain and rate. SOFT MATTER 12:(24) 5450-5460 (2016) DOI
4. Börzsönyi T, Somfai E, Szabó B, Wegner S, Mier P, Rose G, Stannarius R: Packing, alignment and flow of shape-anisotropic grains in a 3D silo experiment. NEW J PHYS 18:(9) 093017/1-9 (2016) DOI
5. Cvetinov M, Stojanovic M, Obadovic D, Ristic I, Vajda A, Fodor-Csorba K, Eber N: Phase behavior and molecular self-assembly of some calamitic/bent-core nematic mixtures. MOL CRYST LIQ CRYST 630:(1) 28-36 (2016) DOI
6. Éber N, Salamon P, Buka Á: Electrically induced patterns in nematics and how to avoid them. LIQ CRYST REV 4:(2) 101-134 (2016) DOI
7. Éber N, Salamon P, Fekete BA, Karapinar R, Krekhov A, Buka Á: Suppression of spatially periodic patterns by dc voltage. PHYS REV E 93:(4) 042701/1-14 (2016) DOI
8. Finger T, Von Rüling F, Lévay S, Szabó B, Börzsönyi T, Stannarius R: Segregation of granular mixtures in a spherical tumbler. PHYS REV E 93:(3) 032903/1-9 (2016) DOI
9. Fischer D, Börzsönyi T, Nasato DS, Pöschel T, Stannarius R: Heaping and secondary flows in sheared granular materials. NEW J PHYS 18:(11) 113006/1-19 (2016) DOI
10. Novotná V, Hamplová V, Sasnouski G, Salamon P: Lactic acid derivatives with terphenyl molecular core. LIQUID CRYSTALS 43:(9) 1251-1258 (2016) DOI
11. Popov P, Honaker LW, Kooijman EE, Mann EK, Jákli A: A liquid crystal biosensor for specific detection of antigens. SENS BIOSENSING RES 8: 31-35 (2016) DOI
12. Salili SM, Xiang J, Wang H, Li Q, Paterson DA, Storey JMD, Imrie CT, Lavrentovich OD, Sprunt SN, Gleeson JT, Jákli A: Magnetically tunable selective reflection of light by heliconical cholesterics. PHYS REV E 94:(4) 042705/1-5 (2016) DOI
13. Tomašovičová N, Kováč J, Raikher Y, Éber N, Tóth-Katona T, Gdovinová V, Jadzyn J, Pinčák R, Kopčanský P: Biasing a ferronematic-a new way to detect weak magnetic field. SOFT MATTER 12:(26) 5780-5786 (2016) DOI
14. Trišović N, Antanasijević J, Rogan J, Poleti D, Tóth-Katona T, Salamonczyk M, Jákli A, Fodor-Csorba K: Investigation of supramolecular architectures of bent-shaped pyridine derivatives: From a three-ring crystalline compound towards five-ring mesogens. NEW J CHEM 40:(8) 6977-6985 (2016) DOI

Conference proceedings

15. Cvetinov M, Stojanovic M, Obadovic D, Vajda A, Fodor-Csorba K, Eber N: Broadening of mesophase temperature range induced by doping calamitic mesogen with banana-shaped mesogen. In: Proc. 9th International Physics Conference of the Balkan-Physical-Union (BPU). Istambul, Turkey, 24-08-2015 – 27-08-2015. AIP CONF PROC 1722: Paper 220008. 4 p. (2016) DOI
16. Boukheir S, Achour ME, Oueriagli, Outzourhit A, Eber N, Costa LC: Effect of temperature and filler concentration on the electrical parameters of a dispersion of carbon nanotubes in an epoxy matrix. In: Proc. 1st International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications (ISyDMA 2016). Morocco: 04-05-2016 – 06-05-2016. Materials Research Proceedings 1: pp. 45-48. (2016) DOI
17. Éber N, Fekete B, Salamon P, Buka A, Krekhov A: Influence of DC voltage on the dielectric properties of nematics. In: Proc. 1st International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications (ISyDMA 2016). Morocco: 04-05-2016 – 06-05-2016. Materials Research Proceedings 1: pp. 42-44. (2016) DOI