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1. Bastykova NK, Donko Z, Kodanova SK, Ramazanov TS, Moldabekov ZA: Manipulation of dusty plasma properties via driving voltage waveform tailoring in a capacitive radiofrequency discharge. IEEE T PLASMA SCI 44:(4) 545-548 (2016). Proc. 14th Workshop on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas (WPDP). 26-05-2015 – 29-05-2015 DOI
2. Brandt S, Berger B, Schüngel E, Korolov I, Derzsi A, Bruneau B, Johnson E, Lafleur T, O'Connell D, Koepke M, Gans T, Booth J-P, Donkó Z, Schulze J: Electron power absorption dynamics in capacitive radio frequency discharges driven by tailored voltage waveforms in CF4. PLASMA SOURCES SCI T 25:(4) 045015/1-17 (2016) DOI
3. Bruneau B, Lafleur T, Gans T, O’Connell D, Greb A, Korolov I, Derzsi A, Donkó Z, Brandt S, Schüngel E: Effect of gas properties on the dynamics of the electrical slope asymmetry effect in capacitive plasmas: comparison of Ar, H 2 and CF 4. PLASMA SOURCES SCI T 25:(1) 01LT02/1-6 (2016) DOI
4. Bruneau B, Korolov I, Lafleur T, Gans T, O'Connell D, Greb A, Derzsi A, Donkó Z, Brandt S, Schüngel E, Schulze J, Johnson E, Booth J-P: Slope and amplitude asymmetry effects on low frequency capacitively coupled carbon tetrafluoride plasmas. J APPL PHYS 119:(16) 163301/1-10 (2016) DOI
5. Daksha M, Berger B, Schuengel E, Korolov I, Derzsi A, Koepke M, Donkó Z, Schulze J: A computationally assisted spectroscopic technique to measure secondary electron emission coefficients in radio frequency plasmas. J PHYS D APPL PHYS 49:(23) 234001/1-11 (2016) DOI
6. Derzsi A, Lafleur T, Booth J-P, Korolov I, Donkó Z: Experimental and simulation study of a capacitively coupled oxygen discharge driven by tailored voltage waveforms. PLASMA SOURCES SCI T 25:(1) 015004/1-14 (2016) DOI
7. Donko Z, Dyatko N: First-principles particle simulation and Boltzmann equation analysis of negative differential conductivity and transient negative mobility effects in xenon. EUR PHYS J D 70:(6) 135/1-11 (2016) DOI
8. Dzhumagulova KN, Masheyeva RU, Ott T, Hartmann P, Ramazanov TS, Bonitz M, Donkó Z: Cage correlation and diffusion in strongly coupled three-dimensional Yukawa systems in magnetic fields. PHYS REV E 93:(6) 063209/1-7 (2016) DOI
9. Dzhumagulova KN, Masheyeva RU, Ramazanov TS, Donkó Z: Effect of buffer gas induced friction on the caging of particles in a dusty plasma. CONTRIB PLASM PHYS 56: 215-220 (2016) DOI
10. Gueye M, Gries T, Noël C, Migot-Choux S, Bulou S, Lecoq E, Choquet P, Kutasi K, Belmonte T: Interaction of (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane with pulsed Ar–O2 afterglow: application to nanoparticles synthesis. PLASMA CHEM PLASMA P 36:(4) 1031-1050 (2016) DOI
11. Korolov I, Vass M, Bastykova NKh, Donkó Z: A scanning drift tube apparatus for spatiotemporal mapping of electron swarms. REV SCI INSTRUM 87:(6) 063102/1-7 (2016) DOI
12. Korolov I, Vass M, Donkó Z: Scanning drift tube measurements of electron transport parameters in different gases: argon, synthetic air, methane and deuterium. J PHYS D 49:(41) 415203/1-13 (2016) DOI
13. Korolov I, Derzsi A, Donkó Z, Schüngel E, Schulze J: The influence of electron reflection/sticking coefficients at the electrodes on plasma parameters in particle-in-cell simulations of capacitive radio-frequency plasmas. PLASMA SOURCES SCI T 25:(1) 015024/1-14 (2016) DOI
14. Kutasi K, Noel C, Belmonte T, Guerra V: Tuning the afterglow plasma composition in Ar/N-2/O-2 mixtures: characteristics of a flowing surface-wave microwave discharge system. PLASMA SOURCES SCI T 25:(5) 055014/1-16 (2016) DOI
15. Liu YX, Schungel E, Korolov I, Donko Z, Wang YN, Schulze J: Experimental observation and computational analysis of striations in electronegative capacitively coupled radio-frequency plasmas. PHYS REV LETT 116:(25) 255002/1-6 (2016) DOI
16. Magyar P, Hartmann P, Kalman GJ, Golden KI, Donkó Z: Factorization of 3-point static structure functions in 3D Yukawa liquids. CONTRIB PLASMA PHYS 56:(9) 816-829 (2016) DOI
17. Ott T, Donkó Z, Bonitz M: The energy-autocorrelation function in magnetized and unmagnetized strongly coupled plasmas. CONTRIB PLASMA PHYS 56:(3-4) 246-252 (2016) DOI
18. Rosenberg M, Kalman GJ, Hartmann P, Donkó Z: Waves in a quasi-two-dimensional superparamagnetic dusty plasma liquid in a trap. PHYS REV E 94:(3) 033203/1-10 (2016) DOI
19. Schüngel E, Korolov I, Bruneau B, Derzsi A, Johnson E, O'Connell D, Gans T, Booth J-P, Donkó Z, Schulze J: Tailored voltage waveform capacitively coupled plasmas in electronegative gases: Frequency dependence of asymmetry effects. J PHYS J PHYS D APPL PHYS 49:(26) 265203/1-15 (2016) DOI
20. Wilczek S, Trieschmann J, Eremin D, Brinkmann RP, Schulze J, Schuengel E, Derzsi A, Korolov I, Hartmann P, Donkó Z, Mussenbrock T: Kinetic interpretation of resonance phenomena in low pressure capacitively coupled radio frequency plasmas. PHYS PLASMAS 23:(6) 063514/1-9 (2016) DOI