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1. Babilas R, Mariola K-G, Burian A, Temleitner L: A short-range ordering in soft magnetic Fe-based metallic glasses studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy and Reverse Monte Carlo method. J MAGN MAGN MATER 406: pp. 171-178. (2016) DOI
2. Gereben O, Pusztai L: Hydrogen bond connectivities in water-ethanol mixtures: On the influence of the H-bond definition. J MOL LIQ 220: 836-841 (2016) DOI
3. Jóvári P, Lucas P, Yang ZY, Bureau B, Kaban I, Beuneu B, Pantalei C, Bednarčik J: On the structure of Ge–As–Te–Cu glasses. J NON-CRYST SOLIDS 433: 1-5 (2016) DOI
4. Krezhov K, Vladikova D, Raikova G, Malakova T, Genov I, Nonova Tz, Sváb E, Fábián M: BACE0.85Y0.15O3-δ based materials for solid oxide fuel cells: room temperature neutron diffraction study. RAD CONF PROC 1: 117-123 (2016)
5. Krezhov K, Vladikova D, Raikova G, Genov I, Malakova T, Dimitrov D, Sváb E, Fábián M: Structure study of BaCe0.85Y0.15O 3-δ as solid state fuel cell material. AIP CONF PROC 1722: Paper 140008/1-4 (2016). Proc. 9th International Physics Conference of the Balkan-Physical-Union (BPU). Istanbul, Turkey: 24-08-2015 – 27-08-2015 DOI
6. Méndez-Bermúdez JG, Dominguez H, Pusztai L, Guba S, Horváth B, Szalai I: Composition and temperature dependence of the dielectric constant of 1-propanol/water mixtures: Experiment and molecular dynamics simulations. J MOL LIQ 219: 354-358 (2016) DOI
7. Pethes I, Kaban I, Stoica M, Beuneu B, Jóvári P: Chemical ordering in Pd81Ge19 metallic glass studied by reverse Monte-Carlo modelling of XRD, ND and EXAFS experimental data. PHYS SCRIPTA 91:(10) 104004/1-10 (2016) DOI
8. Pethes I, Chahal R, Nazabal V, Prestipino C, Trapananti A, Michalik S, Jóvári P: Chemical short-range order in selenide and telluride glasses. J PHYS CHEM B 120:(34) 9204-9214 (2016) DOI
9. Pethes I, Nazabal V, Chahal R, Bureau B, Kaban I, Belin S, Jóvári P: Local motifs in GeS2–Ga2S3 glasses. J ALLOY COMPD 673: 149-157 (2016) DOI
10. Sánchez-Gil V, Noya EG, Guil JM, Lomba E, Valencia S, Da Silva I, Pusztai L, Temleitner L: Evidence of a structural change in pure-silica MEL upon the adsorption of argon. J PHYS CHEM C 120:(4) 2260-2270. (2016) DOI
11. Schumacher M, Weber H, Jovari P, Tsuchiya Y, Youngs TGA, Kaban I, Mazzarello R: Structural, electronic and kinetic properties of the phase-change material Ge2Sb2Te5 in the liquid state. SCI REP 6: Paper 27434. 11 p. (2016) DOI
12. Stunault A, Vial S, Pusztai L, Cuello GJ, Temleitner L: Structure of hydrogenous liquids: separation of coherent and incoherent cross sections using polarised neutrons. J PHYS CONF SER 711: 012003/1-5 (2016) Proc. 10th International Conference on Polarised Neutrons for Condensed MatterInvestigations (PNCMI). Sydney, Ausztrália: 2014.09.15 -2014.09.19. DOI
13. Tscheliessnig R, Pusztai L: Proteins in solution: Fractal surfaces in solutions. CONDENS MATTER PHYS 19:(1) 13803/1-8 (2016) DOI


14. Temleitner L, Kőszegi L: Mtest diffractometer. Progress Report on the activities at the Budapest Research Reactor, Eds.: Baranyi R, Nagy E, Rosta L, pp. 36-37 (2016)
15. Temleitner L, Pusztai L, Pothoczki Sz: Tetraéderes molekuláris folyadékok. Egyszerű anyagok, fejfájást okozó problémák (Tetrahedral molecular liquids. Simple materials, problems causing headache, in Hungarian) TERMÉSZET VILÁGA 147:(8) 346-349 (2016)
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