Crystal Physics Group

Crystal growth laboratory

Crystals grown for research and applications:

  • LiNbO3 - doped and undoped congruent and stoichiometric lithium niobate
  • Li6Y(BO3)3 and Li6Gd(BO3)3 - lithium yttrium borate and lithium gadolinium borate
  • ß-Ba2B2O4 - ß-barium metaborate
  • TeO2 - tellurium dioxide (paratellurite)

Crystals grown earlier:

  • K3Li2Nb5O15 and K3LiNb6O17 - doped and undoped potassium lithium niobate in various compositions
  • Bi2TeO5 - doped and undoped bismuth tellurite
  • Li2B4O7 - lithium tetraborate
  • CsLiB6O10 - cesium lithium borate
  • Y/GdAl3(BO3)4 - yttrium aluminium borate and gadolinium aluminium borate doped with rare earth ions
  •  Bi4Ge3O12 and Bi4Si3O12 - bismuth germanate, bismuth silicate
  •  Bi12GeO20 and Bi12SiO20 - bismuth germanium oxide, bismuth silicon oxide
  •  ZnWO4 - zinc tungstate

Bulk crystal

Stoichiometric lithium niobate prisms for producing high energy terahertz pulses:


  • Computer controlled Czochralski growth systems for crystals with melting point up to 1400 oC
  • Automatic diameter controlled systems for top seeded solution growth for crystals with melting point up to 1200 oC
  • Vertical Bridgman growth system up to 1000 oC
  • X-ray diffractometers (Secasi single crystal diffractometers)
  • Grinding and polishing machines
  • Diamond blade cutting machines
  • Surface and stereo microscopes