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1. Ignatovych M, Borysenko M, Davydenko L, Borysenko L, Veres M, Himics L, Koós M: Cerium and europium nanospecies in quartz glass: Synthesis and spectral study (Cer- und Europium-haltige Nanopartikel in Quarzglas: Synthese und spektroskopische Eigenschaften, in German) MATERIALWISS WERKST 47:(2-3) 193-197 (2016) DOI
2. Tóth S, Himics L, Koós M: Creation of near-infrared emitting optical center related to nickel–silicon impurity complex in nanodiamond grains. J LUMIN 176: 367-371 (2016) DOI
3. Himics L, Tóth S, Veres M, Koós M: Spectral properties of the zero-phonon line from ensemble of silicon–vacancy center in nanodiamond. OPT QUANT ELECTRON 48:(8) 394/1-11 (2016) DOI
4. Mitsa V, Holomb R, Marton A, Veres M, Tóth S, Himics L, Lorinczi A, Popescu M: Investigation of atmospheric corrosion by photon energy dependent luminescence and Raman spectroscopy in aged and freshly fractured g-,c-As2S3 with photosensitive realgar inclusions. J NON-CRYST SOLIDS 453: 23-27 (2016) DOI
5. Csarnovics I, Cserhati C, Kokenyesi S, Latif MR, Mitkova M, Nemec P, Hawlova P, Nichol T, Veres M: Light and electron beam induced surface patterning in Ge-Se system. J OPTOELECTRON ADV M 18:(9-10) 793-797 (2016) LINK
6. Rigó I, Veres M, Himics L, Tóth S, Czitrovszky A, Nagy A, Fürjes P: Comparative analysis of SERS substrates of different morphology. PROCEDIA ENGINEERING 168: 371-374 (2016) DOI
7. Bonyár A, Csarnovics I, Veres M, Himics L, Csík A, Kámán J, Balázs L, Kökényesi S: Investigation of the performance of thermally generated Au/Ag nanoislands for SERS and LSPR applications. PROCEDIA ENGINEERING 168: 1152-1155 (2016) DOI
See also: R- M. (Bányász)
R-M. (Bányász)
2. Nagy A et al.
4. Kerekes A et al.