Femtosecond Lasers for Nonlinear 3D Microscopy

Project staff

The activity of the research group focuses on research and development of femtosecond pulse solid state or optical fiber lasers for applications in in vivo 3D nonlinear microscopy. Their aim is to develop laser sytems that improve the quality of imaging (e.g. imaging depth, resolution), support easier handling (heldheld imaging systems, fiber integration) or minimize the risk of thermal or photochemical damage of the living tissue. Main R&D results of the group include the development of a long cavity, femtosecond pulse, tunable Ti-sapphire laser operating at 22 MHz repetition rate, an all-fiber Yb-fiber oscillator and amplifier laser operating at 2 MHz repetition rate and delivering sub-0.5 ps pulses and a two-wavelength femtosecond pulse laser system for CARS imaging applications. The research group also involved in development and applications of different label free imaging techniques (2PEF, SHG, CARS, SRS) in the fields of dermatology and neurology.

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