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Ultrafast laser laboratory

During the past few years, the group achieved outstanding scientific and technological results in the area of ultrashort (femtosecond) pulse lasers by the invention (R. Szipőcs, 1993) and technological development of the so called "chirped" dispersive dielectric laser mirrors. As an example, it is worth mentioning that the shortest laser pulses ever achieved (4.5 fs) are generated by a Ti:sapphire laser system utilizing ultrabroadband chirped mirrors for dispersion control at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands).

In 1998, a new laboratory for ultrafast laser technique and laser spectroscopy was founded. Besides the scientific and technical expertise of the staff, the laboratory comprises a 10 W Ar-ion laser (Spectra-Physics), a tunable cw and femtosecond pulse Ti:sapphire laser (R&D Ultrafast Lasers Ltd.), a synchronously pumped, femtosecond pulse optical parametric oscillator (NT&C) and a high resolution double monochromator (CVI). The unique feature of the two femtosecond pulse systems is that they utilize chirped mirror technology for broadband feedback and intracavity dispersion control.

Current scientific interest of the laboratory includes:

  • Development and testing of > 1 W average output power, sub-10-fs pulse, mirror dispersion controlled Ti:sapphire lasersMode-locking techniques including passive and active mode-locking techniques
  • Nonlinear optics including second harmonic generation (SHG), parametric wave generation and phase conjugation with femtosecond pulses
  • Femtosecond pulse characterization by autocorrelation (AC) measurement or frequency resolved optical gating (FROG) method
  • Development of chirped dispersive dielectric mirrors for different femtosecond pulse laser systems
  • Phase dispersion measurement on laser mirrors and optical materials such as laser crystals by spectrally resolved white light interferometry
  • Raman spectroscopy by the use of our tunable, cw Ti:sapphire laser
  • Investigation of surface plasmon dynamics by femtosecond pump-probe technique

Further information:

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