Crystal Physics Group

Spectroscopic laboratory

Recent research topics:

  • Investigation of the temperature dependence of absorption spectra of incorporated OH- ions in stoichiometric  LiNbO3 crystals.
  • Analysis of the incorporation of dopants (Mg, Zn, In, Sc, Hf, Zr, Sn) increasing the laser damage resistance of LiNbO3 crystals with various compositions using spectroscopic methods.
  • Spectroscopic investigation of GdAl3(BO3)4, YAl3(BO3)4 and Li6Y(BO3)3 crystals doped with rare-earth ions (e.g. Tb, Eu, Er, Yb).



  • BRUKER IFS-66v Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
  • BRUKER IFS 120 HR FTIR spectrophotometer
  • JASCO V550 UV-visible spectrophotometer
  • HITACHI F-4500 UV-visible spectrofluorimeter
  • Closed-cylcle He cryostat for temperature dependent spectroscopic measurements (8-450K)
  • Setups for temperature dependent dielectric and conductivity measurements

BRUKER IFS 66v spectrophotometer