Crystal Physics Group

International cooperations

The department has a long tradition of international cooperations:

  • HAS - CNR bilateral cooperation (István Földvári, László Kovács - Prof. R. Capelletti) University of Parma, Italy
  • HAS - Estonian Academy of Sciences joint project: Radiation induced effects in pure and doped wide-gap borate crystals (Gábor Corradi - V. Nagirnyi) Institute of Physics, Tartu
  • HAS - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences joint project: Growth and spectroscopy of ferroelectric and multiferroic materials (László Kovács - Prof. Marin Gospodinov) Institute of Solid State Physics, Sofia
  • HAS - Polish Academy of Sciences joint project: Growth and spectroscopic investigation of rare earth doped non-linear optical crystals (Földvári István - W. Ryba-Romanowski). Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Wroclaw.
  • Bilateral cooperation with University of Metz, MOPS, IUT St.-Avold, Common research on non-linear crystals and joint Ph.D. programs (Katalin Polgár and Ágnes Péter)
  • HAS - Russian Academy of Sciences joint project: Growth of single crystals with wide band-gap and investigation of their lattice defects by spectroscopic methods (Katalin Polgár - A. Skvortsov) Joffe Phys. Tech. Inst. St. Petersburg.
  • Hungarian - German project (MÖB-DAAD): Small polarons in Er and Yb doped oxide crystals (Gábor Corradi - Prof. Mirco Imlau) University of Osnabrück