Crystal Physics Group

Analytical and preparative chemical laboratory

Recent research projects:

  • Determination of the concentration of the dopant and contaminant elements of optical single crystals grown in the Department.
  • Development of solid and solution sampling based atomic spectrometry methods for the analysis of the optical crystals.
  • Preparation and study of single phase, yttrium ortho silicates for scintillation applications.
  • Preparation and study on litium yttrium silicate nanocrystals.
  • Study on the plasmachemical processes in an Electrolyte Cathode Atmospheric Glow Discharge (ELCAD) by atomic absorption spectrometry.


  • Varian SpectrAA-20  flame atomic absorption spectrometer
  • AnalytikJena ContrAA-700atomic absorption spectrometer with flame and quartz cell options, with cold vapour generator
  • Electrothermal vaporization device (HGA-800)
  • KERN 770 electronic analytical balance
  • Sartorius SE2 microbalance
  • 2 LP 321/2 drying ovens
  • OH-80 precision oven (microprocessor controlled, programmable)
  • KDCH  precision oven (microprocessor controlled, programmable)