Crystal Physics Group

Analytical and preparative chemical laboratory

Recent research projects: 

  • Development of solid and solution sampling based atomic spectrometry methods for the analysis of the composition of optical crystals grown in the department.
  • Improvement of the Electrolyte Cathode Atmospheric Glow Discharge (ELCAD) to on-line monitor the elemental composition of river and lake sediments.
  • Elaboration of analytical methods to investigate the composition, adsorption/ion exchange and dissolution characteristics of volcanic raw materials.



  • Varian SpectrAA-20  flame atomic absorption spectrometer
  • AnalytikJena ContrAA-700 atomic absorption spectrometer equipped with graphite furnace, flame and quartz cell atomizers, hydride and cold vapour generation device
  • Electrothermal vaporizer (Perkin-Elmer HGA-800)
  • KERN 770 electronic analytical balance
  • Sartorius SE2 microbalance
  • Drying ovens (LMIM LP-321, Binder FD-23, Venticell 55)
  • KDCH  precision oven (microprocessor controlled, programmable)
  • Precision pH meter
  • Millipore SAS Elix® Essential water purifier