Crystal Physics Group

Research activities

Growth and characterization of optical crystals

  • Single crystal growth for various applications: e.g. for electro-optics, non-linear optics, laser physics, nuclear radiation detection etc.
  • Basic investigation of various single crystal growth methods. Preparation of doped crystals with specific physical properties.  Development of quality control methods
  • Preparation of optical and scintillator nanocrystals

Crystal physics and nonlinear optics

  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of point and complex defects in oxide crystals. Study and modelling of crystal composition, dopants and impurities.
  • Photorefractive, holographic and resonant nonlinear optical phenomena
  • Design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements and waveguides by ion implantation


  • OTKA CK-80896 Scintillator materials for medical imaging purposes (László Kovács, 2010-2013)
  • OTKA K-83390 Resonant optical processes in solids (László Kovács, 2011-2015)
  • OTKA K-101223 Fabrication of integrated optical elements by ion implantation and radiation for telecommunication (István Bányász, 2012-2015)