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  • Somfai E, Nagy DB, Claudin P, Favier A, Kálmán D, Börzsönyi T:
    Effective friction of granular flows made of non-spherical particles
    EPJ Web Conf. 140, 03062 (2017)  •  pdf
  • Gillemot KA, Somfai E, Börzsönyi T:
    Shear-driven segregation of dry granular materials with different friction coefficients
    Soft Matter 13, 415-420 (2017)
  • Börzsönyi T, Somfai E, Szabó B, Wegner S, Mier P, Rose G, Stannarius R:
    Packing, alignment and flow of shape-anisotropic grains in a 3D silo experiment
    New J. Phys. 18, 093017 (2016)  •  pdf
  • Wortel G, Börzsönyi T, Somfai E, Wegner S, Szabó B, Stannarius R, van Hecke M:
    Heaping, secondary flows and broken symmetry in flows of elongated granular particles
    Soft Matter 11, 2570-2576 (2015)  •  pdf
  • Szabó B, Török J, Somfai E, Wegner S, Stannarius R, Böse A, Rose G, Angenstein F, Börzsönyi T:
    Evolution of shear zones in granular materials
    Phys. Rev. E 90, 032205 (2014)  •  pdf
  • Wegner S, Stannarius R, Boese A, Rose G, Szabó B, Somfai E, Börzsönyi T:
    Effects of grain shape on packing and dilatancy of sheared granular materials
    Soft Matter 10, 5157-5167 (2014)  •  pdf
  • Börzsönyi T, Szabó B, Wegner S, Harth K, Török J, Somfai E, Bien T, Stannarius R:
    Shear-induced alignment and dynamics of elongated granular particles
    Phys. Rev. E 86, 051304 (2012)  •  pdf
  • Börzsönyi T, Szabó B, Törös G, Wegner S, Török J, Somfai E, Bien T, Stannarius R:
    Orientational order and alignment of elongated particles induced by shear
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 228302 (2012)  •  pdf
  • Sultan E, van de Meent JW, Somfai E, Morozov AN, van Saarloos W:
    Polymer rheology simulations at the meso- and macroscopic scale
    EPL 90, 64002 (2010)  •  pdf
  • Adams DA, Sander LM, Somfai E, Ziff RM:
    The harmonic measure of diffusion-limited aggregates including rare events
    EPL 87, 20001 (2009)  •  pdf
  • van de Meent JW, Morozov A, Somfai E, Sultan E, van Saarloos W:
    Coherent structures in dissipative particle dynamics simulations of the transition to turbulence in compressible shear flows
    Phys. Rev. E 78, 015701 (2008)  •  pdf
  • Goold NR, Somfai E, Ball RC:
    Anisotropic diffusion limited aggregation in three dimensions: Universality and nonuniversality
    Phys. Rev. E 72, 031403 (2005)  •  pdf
  • Sander LM, Somfai E:
    Random walks, diffusion limited aggregation in a wedge, and average conformal maps
    Chaos 15, 026109 (2005)  •  pdf
  • Somfai E, Goold NR, Ball RC, DeVita JP, Sander LM:
    Growth by random walker sampling and scaling of the dielectric breakdown model
    Phys. Rev. E 70, 051403 (2004)  •  pdf
  • Snoeijer JH, van Hecke M, Somfai E, van Saarloos W:
    Force and weight distributions in granular media: Effects of contact geometry
    Phys. Rev. E 67, 030302 (2003)  •  pdf
  • Ball RC, Bowler NE, Sander LM, Somfai E:
    Off-lattice noise reduction and the ultimate scaling of diffusion-limited aggregation in two dimensions
    Phys. Rev. E 66, 026109 (2002)  •  pdf
  • van Gastel R, Somfai E, van Albada SB, van Saarloos W, Frenken JWM:
    Vacancy diffusion in the Cu(001) surface I: an STM study
    Surf. Sci. 521, 10-25 (2002)  •  arXiv
  • Somfai E, van Gastel R, van Albada SB, van Saarloos W, Frenken JWM:
    Vacancy diffusion in the Cu(001) surface II: Random walk theory
    Surf. Sci. 521, 26-33 (2002)  •  arXiv
  • van Gastel R, Somfai E, van Saarloos W, Frenken JWM:
    A giant atomic slide-puzzle - Atoms crammed tightly together in metal crystal surfaces are surprisingly mobile
    Nature 408, 665-665 (2000)
  • Somfai E:
    Pattern formation in nonequilibrium statistical physics
    PhD thesis (1999)  •  pdf
  • Kessler DA, Olami Z, Oz J, Procaccia I, Somfai E, Sander LM:
    Diffusion-limited aggregation and viscous fingering in a wedge: Evidence for a critical angle
    Phys. Rev. E 57, 6913-6916 (1998)  •  pdf
  • Somfai E:
    Fraktálstruktúrák keletkezése növekedési folyamatokban (Formation of fractal structures in growth processes, in Hungarian)
    Diploma thesis (1994)